Discover Stenote, the AI-driven tool for real-time transcription and summarization of meetings, lectures, and conversations. Get accurate, actionable insights!
May 27 2024

Stenote Product Information

What is Stenote?

Stenote is an AI-driven transcription and summarization tool that captures, transcribes, and distills conversations, lectures, and meetings in real-time with human-level accuracy. It simplifies information overload by providing clear, actionable insights from your discussions. Whether you are in a business meeting, attending a lecture, or having an important conversation, Stenote ensures nothing is overlooked. Perfect for professionals, students, and anyone needing efficient documentation.

Who will use Stenote?

  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Corporate Teams
  • Journalists
  • Researchers

How to use the Stenote ?

  • Step1: Download and install the Stenote app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Step2: Create an account and sign in.
  • Step3: Start a new recording or upload an existing audio file.
  • Step4: Let the AI transcribe and summarize the content in real-time.
  • Step5: Review, edit, and save the transcriptions and summaries.
  • Step6: Export the finalized documents for sharing or future reference.


  • web
  • android
  • ios

Stenote's Core Features & Benefits?

The Core Features of Stenote
  • Real-time Transcription
  • Summarization
  • Actionable Insights
  • Multi-platform Support
The Benefits of Stenote
  • Accurate Transcriptions
  • Time-saving Summaries
  • Valuable Insights
  • User-friendly Interface

Stenote's Main Use Cases & Applications?

  • Business meetings
  • Academic lectures
  • Research interviews
  • Media reporting

FAQs of Stenote's

What is Stenote?

Stenote is an AI-driven transcription and summarization tool for meetings, lectures, and conversations.

How accurate are the transcriptions?

Stenote offers over 90% accuracy in real-time transcriptions.

Can I use Stenote on multiple devices?

Yes, Stenote is available on web, Android, and iOS platforms.

Is there a limit to the recording time?

Stenote can transcribe up to 120 minutes in real-time, but the recording time is unlimited.

Can I edit the transcriptions?

Yes, the transcriptions can be reviewed, edited, and saved.

How do I export the summaries?

You can export the finalized documents directly from the app for sharing or future reference.

Is my data secure with Stenote?

Yes, Stenote ensures that your data is secure and private.

Can Stenote handle different languages?

Currently, Stenote supports multiple languages, but please check the app for specific language support.

Do I need an internet connection to use Stenote?

An internet connection is required for real-time transcriptions and summaries.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, Stenote offers a free trial period. Please refer to the website for details.

Stenote Company Information

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Stenote's Main Competitors and alternatives?

  • Rev
  • Descript
  • Sonix
  • Trint