Discover SmartBird - the ultimate AI assistant for drafting emails, social media posts, and messages in seconds. Boost productivity and ensure quality.
Jun 24 2024

SmartBird Product Information

What is SmartBird?

SmartBird is a robust AI assistant that leverages cutting-edge technology to draft emails, social media posts, comments, and messages quickly and efficiently. Users can integrate SmartBird with popular platforms like Gmail, Outlook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram. With features such as SmartReply for emails and messages, SmartBird ensures that each communication piece is crafted in the optimal style and tone, enhancing productivity and maintaining quality.

Who will use SmartBird?

  • Businesses
  • Social media managers
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Customer support teams
  • Personal users
  • Content creators

How to use the SmartBird ?

  • Step1: Sign up for a SmartBird account on the official website.
  • Step2: Choose a subscription plan that fits your needs.
  • Step3: Integrate SmartBird with your preferred email and messaging platforms.
  • Step4: Start drafting emails, social media posts, comments, and messages using SmartBird's interface.
  • Step5: Review and send the AI-generated content from SmartBird.


  • Web
  • Chrome Extension
  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger
  • Telegram

SmartBird's Core Features & Benefits?

The Core Features of SmartBird
  • Email SmartReply
  • Message SmartReply
  • Social Media Post Generator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Language Recognition
  • Integration with Gmail, Outlook, and more
The Benefits of SmartBird
  • Saves time on drafting communications
  • Enhances message consistency and quality
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Increases productivity
  • User-friendly interface

SmartBird's Main Use Cases & Applications?

  • Drafting professional emails
  • Creating engaging social media posts
  • Generating customer support messages
  • Automating routine communication tasks
  • Managing multiple social media accounts

FAQs of SmartBird's

What is SmartBird?

SmartBird is an AI assistant that drafts emails, posts, comments, and messages in a few clicks.

How do I start using SmartBird?

Sign up on the SmartBird website, choose a subscription plan, and integrate it with your preferred platforms.

Which platforms does SmartBird support?

SmartBird supports Gmail, Outlook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and more.

Is there a free trial for SmartBird?

Yes, SmartBird offers a 14-day free trial to explore its features and capabilities.

How much does SmartBird cost?

SmartBird offers different subscription plans starting at $19 per month.

Can SmartBird handle multiple social accounts?

Yes, SmartBird can manage multiple social media accounts seamlessly.

Does SmartBird support language recognition?

Yes, SmartBird includes language recognition features.

Is SmartBird suitable for businesses?

Absolutely, businesses can streamline their communication tasks with SmartBird.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your SmartBird subscription at any time.

How do I contact SmartBird support?

You can contact SmartBird support via the support email provided on their website.

SmartBird Company Information

  • Website:
  • Company Name: SmartBird
  • Support Email:
  • Facebook: NA
  • X(Twitter): NA
  • YouTube: NA
  • Instagram: NA
  • Tiktok: NA
  • LinkedIn: NA

SmartBird's Main Competitors and alternatives?

  • Street Context
  • CTD
  • Poultry Patrol
  • AgriNerds
  • MimicTec