Shumai (Meta)

Discover Shumai: a fast, network-connected tensor library for JavaScript/TypeScript, supporting machine learning, deep learning, and GPU acceleration.
May 02 2024
Shumai (Meta)

Shumai (Meta) Product Information

What is Shumai (Meta)?

Shumai is a powerful tensor library designed for JavaScript and TypeScript, created by Facebook Research (FAIR). The library stands out for its high performance, network connectivity, and differentiable capabilities. Built using Bun and Flashlight, it enables developers to seamlessly integrate deep learning and machine learning functionalities into web applications. It supports features such as GPU computation, making it ideal for complex scientific computations and model training. Shumai is aimed at providing a robust environment for developing advanced machine learning models in a TypeScript ecosystem.

Who will use Shumai (Meta)?

  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • AI Researchers
  • Software Engineers

How to use the Shumai (Meta) ?

  • Step1: Install Shumai using `bun add @shumai/shumai`.
  • Step2: Install ArrayFire dependency with `brew install arrayfire`.
  • Step3: Import Shumai in your JavaScript or TypeScript project.
  • Step4: Utilize Shumai's API to build and train machine learning models.
  • Step5: Integrate and deploy your models within web applications.


  • macOS
  • Linux

Shumai (Meta)'s Core Features & Benefits?

The Core Features of Shumai (Meta)
  • Differentiable tensor operations
  • GPU acceleration
  • High-performance computation
  • Network connectivity
  • Compatible with JavaScript and TypeScript
The Benefits of Shumai (Meta)
  • Accelerates machine learning model training
  • Enhances web application capabilities
  • Allows seamless integration with existing projects
  • Reduces computation time with GPU support
  • Facilitates advanced data manipulation and analysis

Shumai (Meta)'s Main Use Cases & Applications?

  • Machine learning model training
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Scientific computations
  • Deep learning applications
  • Web-based AI solutions

FAQs of Shumai (Meta)'s

What is Shumai?

Shumai is a fast, network-connected, differentiable tensor library for JavaScript and TypeScript, developed by Facebook Research.

Which platforms does Shumai support?

Shumai supports macOS and Linux.

How do I install Shumai?

Install Shumai using `bun add @shumai/shumai` and install ArrayFire with `brew install arrayfire`.

Who can benefit from using Shumai?

Machine learning engineers, web developers, data scientists, AI researchers, and software engineers can benefit from using Shumai.

What are the core features of Shumai?

The core features include differentiable tensor operations, GPU acceleration, high-performance computation, network connectivity, and compatibility with JavaScript and TypeScript.

What are the main benefits of using Shumai?

Shumai accelerates machine learning model training, enhances web applications, allows seamless integration with projects, reduces computation time, and facilitates advanced data manipulation.

Can Shumai be integrated with existing web projects?

Yes, Shumai can be seamlessly integrated into existing JavaScript and TypeScript projects.

Is there GPU support in Shumai?

Yes, Shumai supports GPU acceleration for faster computation.

What are some use cases of Shumai?

Shumai can be used for machine learning model training, real-time data analysis, scientific computations, deep learning applications, and web-based AI solutions.

What are some alternative libraries to Shumai?

Some alternatives include TensorFlow.js, PyTorch, Keras, and DeepLearn.js.

Shumai (Meta) Company Information

  • Website:
  • Company Name: Facebook Research
  • Support Email: NA
  • Facebook: NA
  • X(Twitter): NA
  • YouTube: NA
  • Instagram: NA
  • Tiktok: NA
  • LinkedIn: NA

Shumai (Meta)'s Main Competitors and alternatives?

  • TensorFlow.js
  • PyTorch
  • Keras
  • DeepLearn.js