Discover Novelizer, an AI-powered app that simplifies novel writing. Generate multi-chapter stories effortlessly with innovative AI technology.
May 25 2024

Novelizer Product Information

What is Novelizer?

Novelizer is a cutting-edge AI-powered application designed to assist users in writing novels. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology, it generates coherent and engaging multi-chapter stories, keeping track of plot details and character development throughout the narrative. Whether you are an experienced writer or a novice, Novelizer offers the tools needed to enhance your creative writing journey. The app also allows for character control and event management, giving you the freedom to guide your story in any direction you wish.

Who will use Novelizer?

  • Aspiring writers
  • Professional authors
  • Students
  • Creative writing enthusiasts

How to use the Novelizer ?

  • Step1: Download and install the Novelizer app from the App Store.
  • Step2: Open the app and create a new account or log in with your existing credentials.
  • Step3: Start a new project by entering your story’s basic details.
  • Step4: Use the AI-generated suggestions to begin writing your first chapter.
  • Step5: Review and edit the content as needed.
  • Step6: Proceed to the next chapter, ensuring storyline continuity.
  • Step7: Save and export your completed novel.


  • iOS

Novelizer's Core Features & Benefits?

The Core Features of Novelizer
  • AI-generated storyline
  • Multi-chapter capability
  • Character and event control
  • Continuity management
  • Customization options
The Benefits of Novelizer
  • Enhances writing productivity
  • Provides creative inspiration
  • Ensures storyline coherence
  • Easy to use interface

Novelizer's Main Use Cases & Applications?

  • Creating novels
  • Generating story ideas
  • Enhancing creative writing skills
  • Drafting multi-chapter books

FAQs of Novelizer's

What is Novelizer?

Novelizer is an AI-powered app designed to help users generate and write multi-chapter novels effortlessly.

Is Novelizer free to use?

Novelizer may offer free and paid versions. Check the App Store for pricing details.

How does Novelizer ensure storyline coherence?

The app uses advanced AI to track plot details and character development across chapters.

Can I customize the AI suggestions?

Yes, you can edit and customize the AI-generated content according to your preferences.

Is Novelizer suitable for beginners?

Yes, Novelizer is user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and experienced writers.

On which platforms is Novelizer available?

Currently, Novelizer is available on iOS.

Does Novelizer support collaborative writing?

The app currently focuses on individual writing projects.

Can I export my novel from Novelizer?

Yes, you can save and export your completed novel.

What languages does Novelizer support?

Check the app store listing for language support information.

How do I get support for Novelizer?

For support, contact the company through their provided support email.

Novelizer Company Information

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  • Company Name: Novelizer
  • Support Email: NA
  • Facebook:
  • X(Twitter): NA
  • YouTube: NA
  • Instagram: NA
  • Tiktok: NA
  • LinkedIn: NA

Novelizer's Main Competitors and alternatives?

  • Grammarly
  • Plottr
  • Scrivener
  • yWriter
  • AutoCrit