Document360 2.0

Discover Document360, the AI-powered knowledge base software designed for teams and customers, offering rich text editing, analytics, and seamless integrations.
Jun 23 2024
Document360 2.0

Document360 2.0 Product Information

What is Document360 2.0?

Document360 is an AI-powered knowledge base software that helps organizations to create, manage, and maintain documentation for customers and teams. The platform offers a versatile space to build FAQs, user guides, standard operating procedures, and more. It supports rich text formatting, seamless integration, and powerful search capabilities, ensuring that your team's and customers' information needs are met effectively.

Who will use Document360 2.0?

  • Customer support teams
  • Product managers
  • Technical writers
  • Software development teams
  • HR departments

How to use the Document360 2.0 ?

  • Step1: Sign up for an account on Document360.
  • Step2: Set up your project and customize your knowledge base settings.
  • Step3: Create categories and articles with rich text formatting or markdown.
  • Step4: Integrate with other tools and platforms using available APIs and plugins.
  • Step5: Use analytics to track the performance of your knowledge base and make improvements.


  • Web

Document360 2.0's Core Features & Benefits?

The Core Features of Document360 2.0
  • Rich text editor
  • Version control
  • Category management
  • Analytics
  • Seamless integrations
The Benefits of Document360 2.0
  • Improves customer support efficiency
  • Reduces support tickets
  • Centralizes knowledge management
  • Enhances team collaboration
  • Eases search and access to information

Document360 2.0's Main Use Cases & Applications?

  • Customer knowledge base
  • Internal team documentation
  • Product user guides
  • Standard operating procedures
  • FAQ pages

FAQs of Document360 2.0's

Can I switch from WYSIWYG to Markdown editor?

No, you cannot switch from WYSIWYG to Markdown editor.

What is a reader account?

Reader accounts are assigned when a knowledge base is set to private/mixed and allows users to log in.

Is Document360 cloud-based?

Yes, Document360 is a cloud-based platform.

Does Document360 support version control?

Yes, Document360 offers version control for managing document versions.

Can I integrate Document360 with other tools?

Yes, Document360 supports integrations with various tools through APIs and plugins.

What types of documents can I create with Document360?

You can create FAQs, user guides, product documentation, SOPs, and more.

Does Document360 offer analytics?

Yes, Document360 provides analytics to track your knowledge base's performance.

Can I customize the appearance of my knowledge base?

Yes, Document360 allows customization of the knowledge base's look and feel.

Who can use Document360?

Document360 is designed for customer support teams, product managers, technical writers, and other departments needing documentation.

What are the core features of Document360?

Some core features include rich text editor, version control, category management, analytics, and seamless integrations.

Document360 2.0 Company Information

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  • Company Name: Document360
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Document360 2.0's Main Competitors and alternatives?

  • Guru
  • Bloomfire
  • ClickHelp
  • ProProfs
  • Zendesk
  • Confluence