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Jul 03 2024

Archsense Product Information

What is Archsense?

Archsense offers a comprehensive software architecture visualization tool that aims to streamline and improve the software development process. By converting source code into accurate and up-to-date architectural representations, it facilitates better understanding, enhances collaboration among team members, and ensures consistency throughout the development lifecycle. Archsense integrates seamlessly with CI pipelines and identifies architectural changes, notifying relevant stakeholders and providing insights for making informed decisions.

Who will use Archsense?

  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Development Teams
  • Tech Leads

How to use the Archsense ?

  • Step1: Sign up on the Archsense platform.
  • Step2: Connect your project's repository.
  • Step3: Configure the settings as per your project's requirements.
  • Step4: Generate architecture visualizations.
  • Step5: Integrate the tool with your CI pipeline.
  • Step6: Monitor and review architecture changes.


  • Web
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac

Archsense's Core Features & Benefits?

The Core Features of Archsense
  • Accurate Architecture Visualization
  • CI Integration
  • Architecture Diff
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Change Notifications
  • Unlimited Users
The Benefits of Archsense
  • Improves understanding of codebase
  • Enhances team collaboration
  • Ensures architectural consistency
  • Facilitates informed decision making
  • Speeds up development process

Archsense's Main Use Cases & Applications?

  • Codebase Visualization
  • Architecture Analysis
  • Change Tracking
  • Team Collaborations
  • Development Monitoring

FAQs of Archsense's

What is Archsense?

Archsense is a software architecture visualization tool that aids in improving software development processes by providing accurate architecture representations.

How does Archsense benefit development teams?

It improves codebase understanding, enhances team collaboration, ensures architectural consistency, and facilitates informed decision-making.

What platforms is Archsense available on?

Archsense supports Web, Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms.

Can Archsense integrate with CI pipelines?

Yes, Archsense can be integrated with your CI pipeline to monitor and notify changes.

How many users can use Archsense?

Archsense supports unlimited users.

Is there a free version available?

Yes, there is a free plan available for side or hobby projects.

Does Archsense offer collaboration features?

Yes, it includes collaboration tools to enable team discussions and shared understanding.

How accurate are the generated architecture representations?

Archsense provides highly accurate and up-to-date architecture visuals derived from the source code.

What languages and frameworks are supported?

Archsense supports various programming languages and frameworks, including JavaScript and NestJS.

How can I contact support?

You can contact support through the support email provided on the website.

Archsense Company Information

  • Website:
  • Company Name: Archsense
  • Support Email:
  • Facebook: NA
  • X(Twitter): NA
  • YouTube: NA
  • Instagram: NA
  • Tiktok: NA
  • LinkedIn:

Archsense's Main Competitors and alternatives?

  • Ardoq
  • Structurizr
  • CodeScene
  • PlantUML