Generate personalized, royalty-free music with AIbstract. Ideal for content creators, musicians, and media professionals.
Jun 03 2024

AIbstract Product Information

What is AIbstract?

AIbstract is an advanced AI-driven software that composes and performs original, royalty-free music. The platform empowers users to generate customized tracks tailored to their specific needs, whether it be for personal enjoyment, professional projects, or commercial use. Utilizing symbolic AI technologies, AIbstract ensures that every piece of music produced is unique and high-quality, catering to users with varying levels of musical expertise.

Who will use AIbstract?

  • Musicians
  • Content creators
  • Media professionals
  • Advertising agencies
  • Education sector

How to use the AIbstract ?

  • Step1: Register and create an account on AIbstract.
  • Step2: Log in to access the music creation dashboard.
  • Step3: Select your desired music parameters or genre.
  • Step4: Generate your personalized music track.
  • Step5: Customize the track if needed.
  • Step6: Download or stream your music.


  • web

AIbstract's Core Features & Benefits?

The Core Features of AIbstract
  • Real-time music generation
  • Personalized compositions
  • Royalty-free tracks
  • Symbolic AI technology
The Benefits of AIbstract
  • Unique music for various uses
  • No musical expertise required
  • Flexibility in customization
  • High-quality productions

AIbstract's Main Use Cases & Applications?

  • Background music for videos
  • Commercial advertisements
  • Gaming soundtracks
  • Educational purposes
  • Live performances

FAQs of AIbstract's

What is AIbstract?

AIbstract is an AI-driven software for generating and performing original, royalty-free music tracks.

Who can use AIbstract?

AIbstract can be used by musicians, content creators, media professionals, and anyone interested in producing unique music.

What platforms is AIbstract available on?

AIbstract is a web-based platform.

Is the music generated by AIbstract royalty-free?

Yes, all music generated by AIbstract is royalty-free.

Do I need musical expertise to use AIbstract?

No, AIbstract is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any musical expertise.

How can I customize my music track?

You can customize your music track by selecting various parameters and genres during the creation process.

Can I use AIbstract for commercial projects?

Yes, AIbstract's royalty-free music can be used for commercial projects.

What kind of music can AIbstract generate?

AIbstract can generate a wide range of music styles and genres based on user preferences.

How do I download my music track?

After generating your music track, you can download it from the AIbstract platform.

Is AIbstract a subscription-based service?

For detailed information on pricing and subscription plans, please visit the AIbstract website.

AIbstract Company Information

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  • Company Name: AIbstract
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AIbstract's Main Competitors and alternatives?

  • AIVA
  • Soundful
  • Amper Music
  • Amadeus Code
  • Jukedeck